Saturday, August 29, 2009

What would you do part 2

The top is the version that was to be corrected. Can you tell me what was wrong with it? Are you able to see where the perspective is off? Would you have just left it alone?
This is the corrected version, can you see where changes were made? Would you have made similar changes? Granted both paintings were taken in two different locations so the color may seem a bit different but let me explain what changes were made and why. Karen asked/stated a valid point (commented on Blogspot); she asked what decision I had made and she would like to view what was done so she and others could maybe learn from it.
Ok, did you see what changes were done? Well I did some adjustments to the shutters to line them up correctly. Then I did the same for the bottom of the doorway, things were just not lined up. Then the last thing was I added some more stones to the planter.
Both Monte and Gayle had great points also(commented on my website blog), the percentage of changes was not that great, and it seemed to me that when I paint something a second time sometimes I lose some of the spontaneity and spirit that was created in the first painting. So let me know what you all think of the painting and the changes.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is a person to do?????

This is for all you painters out there. I had finished a painting 2 weeks ago, and I leave it somewhere in my studio to view. This is a practice that helps me know when a painting is really done. As I am working on another painting or just puttzin' in my studio, I have the pleasure of reviewing the painting several times a day for about a week or two. Well this last one that I call Red and Blue, was bugging me. Something about it was wrong or off. I had one of my critique buddies stop by to look at the painting, and she loved it; actually four of them had stopped by and all said the same thing. I had picked these people because they have great taste, yet they are not professional painters but they all have done a great deal in the creative realm. Anyway, it was still bugging me so I left it out for review. For the life of me I spent two weeks looking at the paintings and I could not spot it, whatever it was. I finally re-measured and noticed my perspective was really off. I had used the wrong tools during the drawing stage and got myself in trouble. So my question to you is... If you have a painting that needs to be corrected in a few places, do you correct the original or do you just start over? And to what extent do you work on the first one before you just say you are better off starting afresh? is it a judgement call, or something like if it is less than 25% you work on the first one but after that you might as well start over? I have always wondered. Do you sand that part that needs the correction, what is your process? I am curious, what would you do with it all?