Friday, March 27, 2009

Two weeks worth...

Well it has been a busy week or should I say two. I was able to do alot of painting on a larger version of the river in Fredericksburg. It is almost complete. I did work in the garden till the rain set in. I will be hopefully posting the painting on Monday the 30th. Oh I also created a new blog that will give you the opportunity to view, comment and vote on paintings that will be posted each Monday. The blog site will be posted on this blog Monday also. Today I went to visit with one of the Wildcats-Belinda. There are so many places to paint out at and near their new home. Thanks Belinda I can"t wait to paint out at your place. The Wildcat blog is looking at doing challenges, which should be fun.

Friday, March 13, 2009

This week and Next - energy is flowin'

This week has been interesting with Sunday's hanging paintings with other WildCats of Provence at 300 E. 6th Street in Austin, then taking it easy Monday thru Wednesday by working in my garden, but having to stop because I broke a belt to the tiller. I wanted to get the ground ready planting artichokes, tomatoes and other vegetables. they are great to paint. Thurs. I was going to go plein air painting with some of the WildCats; since it was cold or what ever, my painting buddies cancelled on me; which was OK because I went around photo-painting instead. It's a great way to use your imagination and think of the ways you would paint something or look for subjects to paint on down days, rainy days or any day when you just can't get your heart and brush to unite onto the canvas. As for the rest of this week and next week, I plan on taking on some spiritual insight with a side of energy and paint, paint, paint. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Paintings are up at 300 E 6th St. Austin

Well for the past week or so I have been working hard in getting ready for the showing at 300 E. 6th St. here in Austin. What a challenge. I had several paintings that were on loose canvas so I needed to put them on birch, then find frames that they would fit into. Some I had to cut down a bit, others I had to have someone cut the frame to fit the painting. But let me tell you it was all worth while. This past Sunday we (10 of us nicknamed "The Wildcats") hung our paintings. What a wonderful collection of talent. I would strongly suggest you all take the time to go view them. No photo magic could do all of the wonderful paintings justice. Anyway, this is one of the paintings that is now showing. I am currently working on a 20 X 24 painting of one of the rivers that runs through Fredericksburg. I did a study on site and use that and a photo to paint the larger one. The boys will be gone next week so we will see how much I can get done.