Friday, November 20, 2009

What has been going on

Wow, last few weeks have gone by faster than I ever imagined. As I had stated in the last posting, I had started a critiquing group in the Austin area. We now had three sessions, so I will catch up on the last two first. A few confessions first; on the 1st meeting I was very nervous. I had not done anything like this before but I felt that it's needed. Now I'm really feeling very comfortable with our critiquing group. It is growing and the talent pool is great. We all see something different and our words are kind. I've recently noticed more and more artists are opening up and sharing more. Which I think is absolutely fabulous. There is a group in the Dallas metroplex that I had the pleasure of meeting at a workshop with Carol Marine in Jan of this year. They all work together and that is what it's all about. I would like to invite them publicly to our next session. You hear that Karen, Mark, Suzy, Carol, Grant, Sharon, and Kay; and if I forgot someone sorry. Come on down and we can make a day of it. As for the critiquing three weeks ago was our second session. Kirsten and Kitty were there and Melinda came in a little later. Kirsten had two new paintings, great colors and contrast. You can really feel the mood she is trying to create. Kitty had one she had got closer to finishing and another that she decided to change into an abstract. I was still struggling with one and Melinda has just blown me away with her paintings. And to think she is just getting back into it. This week Kirsten, Kitty, Deborah and Belinda were present. Kirsten you are a painting machine. She had two more paintings done. Kitty finished her floral and with some very very minor color tweaking in this small area she will make it all pop. Deborah, your colt is just wonderful. Belinda was running short of time so she did not bring her paintings with her and I revisited my last painting and got some tips on adding depth and it should be done and I will post by the next session. I certainly learned alot this week about the way I paint and how to make it better. Thank you all for being here it really made a difference in the way I think about my paintings and what I see. We have a great group and I would encourage all artists to get together with other like minds and see how much your own artwork will blossom because of it. Next session I will demonstrate how I stretch my canvas.

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