Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Doing something to give back

Vineyards of Suzette 12 x 12 oil on Canvas

Benifit the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas
Was May 22, 2010 at the Bob Bullock Texas
State History Museum.
Vineyards of Suzette was an Auction item at this event.
If you were interested bu unable to attend this event, you can visit my entire website or send me an email; any sales that are created from this event will result in a 25% donation on BCRC.
So go ahead visit my website: http://www.kaykmorris.com/ or send me an email at kaymorris@kaykmorris.com .
If you have questions about the event please contact Barbara Formichelli - BCRC Director of Marketing and Events Dev. at barb@bcrc.org.

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