Thursday, April 16, 2009

Plein Air A La Palette Knife

This is painting #1 Windmill w/shack 9 X 12 Canvas on Birch
Painting #2 Cactus Up Close 8 X 10 canvas panel
Ok, so it was supposed rain today, the weather people said 50% NOT!!! The WildCats plein air girls Nina and Deborah were afraid they would melt in the rain since they are so sweet (full of sugar no doubt), so I went it alone. Man, what a day! The sun peeked out several times and it warmed up. In just a few hours time I did two paintings, both with the palette knife-Now this is getting really fun. I met some really great people- some from England, and a few local. Hope you like them. Keep those brushed full of paint - Kay

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