Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope your holidays went well and you are looking forward to this new beginning. Each year I set new goals for my art, last year it was to paint 25 paintings, I actually painted 35. This year it is to create 40 paintings, enter at least one international competition, and two national competitions. So to bring in the new year with a bang I have already create one painting and entered an international competition. The revised - To Paul's Since my last posting I have been reworking a few of my last two paintings; adjusting, tweaking, and pushing something back for more depth. Matter a fact I've been worked on the entry to the competition since mid August. Tweaking here, pushing back there, and changing angles. Till I was totally satisfied with the painting. So when it sat on my spare easel and I passed it I could not find anything stand out as being off or wrong. This is just one way that I can be sure a piece is complete. I encourage all artist to have a plan this year. Write down how many paintings you will paint, and any other goals for your career you want to expand or explore.

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