Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Critiquing and the tax man

Artists have such a wonderful job; we create on a constant basis, we love our job, and we have an expanded view of the world we live in. Granted we have other jobs too, but our passion that is seeded deep in our soul is to create. We are always looking for the next painting in everything that we see, and that expression is what can transform our painting. Artists look at life as the whole then drill down to the detail, so we see the forest and the trees at the same time. We even look at what is not there. Critiquing today was very inspirational for me. Not only did we talk about each painting (10 in total) we also incorporated what it means to be in the business of art selling, what the tax man is looking for and what we can do to be sure we are compliant with the tax man. I recently read a wonderful article on this in the Artist Magazine Jan/Feb 2010 edition. As the article states and I have heard from two CPA's is that the IRS looks at us (artist) as hobbyist till we prove them wrong by running things as a business, a real business. I encourage all artists to get this magazine and read the article. During the critiquing each of us found that we were really done with some of our paintings even though we thought we were not. Kirsten, Kitty and I all have very different styles and approaches to our work which really makes this group so fun. It is teaching each of us to look at things a bit differently and understand where each needs support. We all had stories to tell about our painting which is what each painting was expressing all on its own. Is it not what a paintings is supposed to do? And is it not what we as artist are trying to create, or tell, or get across; the story that encouraged us to paint in the first place? So I encourage each of you to see if your painting/creation is telling viewers the story or statement that you want to be told. Are you creating just to create or are you enjoying your passion? Do you have others that support your soul and your creation, if not find someone who does. I promote spending time reading, researching about other artist; comment on blogs you are following and getting out - all this will assist you in creating your next wonderful painting. Life is ever changing with creative inspiration around every corner. Keep your brushes full of paint and your mind fresh with new creations.

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